Near the Saint-Louis Hospital – The Citizen Hotel
Visiting the Saint Louis Hospital? Whether you’re a professor, a doctor, a researcher or a
patient, the Citizen Hotel is the perfect place for you to stay. Located right next door to the
hospital, we are ready to welcome you to our hotel whether you’re here for just a few days or
a lengthier stay.
Perhaps you have an appointment with the Saint Louis Hospital but don’t know where to stay.
Maybe you’re looking for a small hotel in the area. Our hotel is the place you’ve been looking
for, with the perfect location and impeccable amenities at the right price!
What’s our secret? We have decided to open our hotel to private events in order to make your
stay more tuned to your needs. Imagine: an entire hotel just for you, with an upbeat team that
is ready to make you feel at home! We also offer our rooms by the night.
So don’t hesitate and come stay in our boutique hotel ! We’ve got 12 rooms and are within
five minutes on foot of the hospital, as well as right along the Canal Saint Martin. Our team
will welcome you to our charming location in the heart of this lively neighborhood, with a
magnificent view of the canal’s rotating bridge
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