Born : Castro Valley, California 1961

Dan Miller’s artwork reflects his persona and perception.  Letters, words, and images are repeatedly overdrawn, often creating ink layered masses, hovering on the page and built up to the point of obliteration or destruction of the ground. Each work contains the written recording of the artist’s obsession with objects like light bulbs, electrical sockets, food and the names of cities and people. In 2007 Dan had a solo exhibition at White Columns, New York and participated in group shows at Gavin Brown’s enterprise, ABCD, Paris, and The Armory Show, New York.  In 2008, the Museum of Modern Art, New York acquired four of Miller’s drawings for its permanent collection.


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76 cm x 57 cm, acrylique sur papier, 1 800 €


xxx x xxx cm , acrylique sur papier, 1 000 €



xxx x xxx cm , acrylique sur papier,  750 €


xxx x xxx, acrylique sur papier, 1 200 €



76 cm x 57 cm, acrylique sur papier, 1 800 €

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