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Being eco responsible is the big buzz word, the big trend, the go- to hype as a marketing and sales tool.  This, however, is not our objective.  Being responsible to our environment is a philosphy that mirrors our personal convictions.  As a result, the Citizen Hotel is a reflection of the way we live and think about the world around us.  

Water Conservation

In order to conserve water usage we have installed faucet and shower fixtures that are efficient without being wasteful.  The toilets are also adapted to moderate  the amount of water flushed.

Waste Disposal

We have a recycling system in place to sort glass, paper goods, plastic, steel and aluminum.   In addition, it is our overriding goal to reduce the actual volume of waste that is generated on a daily basis.  This begins with our distributors who, for example, provide deluxe bathroom amenities that we place in indivual dispensers in each room.  Also, basic items for breakfasts are often not individually packaged  but come to us from the best purveyors in the neighborhood.

Drinking Water

Although France is renowned for its excellent bottled water from traditional springs, we take into consideration the environmental impact of resources used to package and ship these goods.  At the Citizen Hotel we offer you an excellent filtered water that is still or fizzy.

Paper Consumption

To address our goal of saving paper, we include an iPad in each room to replace notepads, and provide ntroductory information and access to newspapers, weather conditions, and the internet in general.

Energy Conservation

In 2010 the building was completely stripped down to its bones and renovated.  All electrical and plumbing are up to date and designed for maximum energy efficiency.  The heating and cooling system involves a reversible heat pump to maintain comfortable interior temperature.  Windows are double paned to reduce noise and ensure proper ventillation.  All rooms are designed with an energy consumption monitor that reduces lighting when the room is unoccupied.  Only halogen bulbs are used.

Responsible Purchases
We are proud to support local local merchants and purchase organic products whenever possible.  We strive to utilize products that have no phosphates or chlorine and are ecologically sound.  The bedding in each room is an organic cotton from Max Havelaar.

You Can Participate

We invite you as our guests to contribute to our environmental awareness as a lifestyle:
-- let us know if your towels need replacing by leaving them on the floor
-- remember to turn off the TV and lights when you leave your room
-- take care to close your windows when you utilize the heating or cooling system
-- remove batteries from the chargers once they are recharged
-- think to turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving at the sink
-- use public transportation whenever possible, especially the bicycle rentals with the closest station 50 yards from the hotel
-- consider the metro stop Jacques Bonsergent to gain easy and quick access to major sites throughout Paris and to and from airports.   


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